Monthly Archives: August 2006

Tuesday round up

Well put description of our times

From Josh Trevino

In warring with a religion, decades of secularism have left us utterly disarmed. We are trained to think of faith as either irrelevant or benign: and when it is undeniably malign, we ascribe its malignancy to “fundamentalism,” which is (in direct negation of the meaning of the word) somehow separable or diversionary from the fundamentals of the faith in question.

On a more practical level these days we treat one’s religion as their race (which is to say involuntary and not subject to questioning or criticism), and we’re already far too touchy about race these days.

Quote of the yesterday

“You sure do have a lot of interesting scars”

Said by Stephanie yesterday. I realized just now that they’re all on my right side too. She was referring to the faint one of my head, the fading one on my right hand, and the large one on my right leg, which, while healing, still bears an uncanny resemblance to a hamburger.

The heart of Saturday night

Saturday I decided to go for a quick 16 mile ride before it got dark. Somehow it turned into a 35 mile trek from Avondale to Stone Mountain to the Freedom Parkway area and back in the dark. Riding at night, in the relative cool, is soothing and pleasant. Much like the other times I’ve ridden that late, people became abstractions and it was like having the city to myself. This ride was for much longer though. I kept the darker parts mostly in neighborhoods and the path so there was a large degree of safety.

I mapped it out, it’s available here. I haven’t figured out how to get the maps to display in the blog posts themselves yet. On an unrelated note, the camera on my phone is working again. The photo above is from a pedestrian bridge over Freedom Parkway.