Does anyone want to buy my camera

It’s a lovely Olympus C8080, I bought it about 16 months ago and took very good care of it. A detailed review of it is here

It’s got a five time optical zoom, and comes with

  • a tripod
  • a charger
  • wireless remote
  • two and a half gigs of memory (two 1-gig cards and one half gig card)
  • camera bag
  • lens polarizer
  • instructions/manual (I still have the original packaging)
  • Conversion lens adapter (CLA-8)
  • 1.4x Tele Conversion Lens (TCon-14D)

All that can be yours for the reasonable price of $450. I thought I would offer it here before I put it on Ebay. FYI – the reason it’s for sale is because I got a digital SLR. The Olympus still works wonderfully.

Let me know.

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