Monthly Archives: December 2006

One liners and things that caught my eye

  • Good one liner

    If there is a motto for the Bush Administration’s war policy, it is, “Doing the Right Thing Wrongly.”

    The argument on the neo-right these days resembles the 30s debates between Stalinist and Trotskyist on the nature of communism, i.e. can one separate the theory and practice.

  • The nature of motion sickness
  • From an article about the Skyhook (sort of a reverse parachute) –

    The first live test was conducted with a pig as the target. Due to some stability issues, the pig spun in the 125 mph wind, and arrived on the plane dizzy and discombobulated. It recovered, however, and promptly attacked the crew.

The end nears

The end to my long upgrade struggle anyway. From three pin adapters that go onto four pin holes, to reformatting hard drives to bizzare RAM voltage, it’s been an informative two days. Now to go Christmas shopping. Humbug.

RAM wickedness

I want the 16 hours of my life back. I’ve been chasing my tail on what I believe are memory problems. The photo is apropos of nothing, but I thought it turned out nicely. It’s from my little Canon.