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Short 2006 best of list

  • Best New Movie – The Departed
  • Best Book – Truth Imagined by Eric Hoffer
  • Best TV Show – The Shield
  • Best Old Movie Seen For the First Time – Tie – The Seventh Seal (Ingmar Bergman) / The Testament of Dr Mabeuse (Fritz Lang) / The Big Sleep (Bogart/Bacall). Only The Big Sleep is in English, where as the other two are probably much better off being subtitled. All three are from the 30s and 40s.
  • Best New Gadget – Garmin Street Pilot – I never get lost anymore
  • Best New General Interest Site –
  • Best Concert – Prince – though to be honest I didn’t see that many in 2006
  • Best New Band discovered – Freakwater – I have no idea how I managed to not know about them until this year, they’re perfect for me.
  • Biggest physical accomplishment – Biking the entire Silver Comet Trail – 126 miles – in one day with no rest and very few stops for water and such. It did take forever
  • Biggest professional accomplishment – staying in business for another year I suppose
  • Biggest artistic accomplishment – successfully finishing two whole songs, and actually doing open mic nights
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