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The Great Siberian Ice March

Somehow I wound up on this page on WikiPedia and found it fascinating. During the Russian Civil War in the late teen and early 20s, the Red Army was chasing the White Army across Siberia, specifically Lake Baikal had to escape across the frozen lake in sub-zero temperatures.

the Arctic winds that blow unobstructed across the lake froze many in the army and their families to death. The bodies remained frozen on the lake in a kind of tableau throughout the winter of 1919 until the arrival of summer, when the frozen figures and all their possessions disappeared in 8,000 feet of water.

Does anyone know of a good history of the Russian Civil War? I don’t know of any notable works on the topic.

The weird far right makes an appearance

We haven’t seen these people since the last administration

Six arrested in ‘militia’ weapons raids; nearby school shut
Federal and state agents arrested six men and seized an arsenal of homemade hand grenades and firearms in raids Thursday, including one that forced the shutdown of a school.

The men, members of the self-styled “Alabama Free Militia,” had no apparent plans to use the weapons, but the leader was described as a federal fugitive, federal authorities said.

Snipers and robot armies

After reading these two articles (here and here) about new forms of sniper scopes, I have to wonder, why aren’t robot armies in the field right now? Granted, all of the shooting must somehow involve a human, but I would imagine that remote operator could be anywhere. We’ve had unmanned aerial vehicles for years now, and those fly, which would seem to be much more complicated and expensive.

My funniest line from last night

Was when I said “I’ve seen the greatest minds of my generation destroyed by Dave Mathews”, which got a good laugh from my fellow acoustic purists who were going over new material at the open mic last night.

Which I won by the way. I could just barely hear myself in the monitors, but evidently is sounded good in the crowd. I got my guitar showpiece, Bonaparte’s Retreat (in Drop D tuning) mostly right, which is a rare thing.

Loner into the waste did go…

On Friday I happened to be driving through Kirkwood and happened by the old, abandoned Pullman Company Yards. I happened to have my camera with me, so I did some exploring.

The Atlanta Preservation Center describes it as

The Pratt Engineering Company purchased this property adjacent to the rail line in 1900 in what was once the City of Kirkwood. In the 1920’s, the Pullman Company bought and expanded the industrial complex for its southeast repair facility. Many of the industrial buildings, characterized by brick clad and riveted iron skeleton construction built by Pratt Engineering and the brick clad reinforced concrete buildings built by the Pullman Company remain on the site.

Anyway, check out the photo gallery.

Sunday round up

  • A nice graph of the internet
  • If I believed in conspiracy theories, I’d believe in this one “I found Saddam’s WMD Bunkers“. The reason that no one in government is following up on them is that the US invasion forced the weapons into Syria, and the Bush administration didn’t act on the information quickly. The Democrats don’t want to move on it because it proves the main cause for the invasion. It’s a bit too cinematic to be believed, but quite interesting.