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Quick links while uploading

An assortment of things I’ve read while I’ve been uploading things today

  • The golden age of Chicago prostitution – The Everleigh sisters are respoinsible for the term “get laid”. An interesting read – the more things change…
  • Rifle Robots!
  • John Allen Paulos has a new book out soon, I think it’s going to a more civil (and knowing Paulos well written and interesting) version of the recent Richard Dawkins screed. My favorite blurb from the Amazon page “A Lifelong Unbeliever Finds No Reason to Change His Mind”
  • How to build your business without quitting your day job
  • Firefox tune-ups
  • Conan O’Brian hates my homeland – favorites

    Home to more than 800 species of unregulated breast implants.

    Burkina Faso
    In the traditional tribal language, that’s Burkina for “land of” and Faso for “people who want to get the hell out of Burkina Faso.”

    You’ll come for the enticing beauty of the Caribbean Sea. You’ll stay because you’ve been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a Dodge Dart.

    East Timor
    It takes a lot to admit you live on the bad side of Timor.

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