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What I’m reading while uploading…

  • Hardcore Troubadours – a bio of the Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Catalogs of Data Visualization on Coding Horror
  • Minorities become the majority in 10 percent of U.S. counties – which has the interesting quote

    In northern Virginia, Teresita Jacinto said she feels less welcome today than when she first arrived 30 years ago, when she was one of few Hispanics in the area.

    “Not only are we feeling less welcome, we are feeling threatened,” said Jacinto, a teacher in Woodbridge, Virginia, about 20 miles southwest of Washington.

    “I think across the board all of us feel like we’re not welcome,” said Jacinto, who was born in the U.S. and volunteers for an advocacy group called Mexicans Without Borders.

    Perhaps it’s because she’s feeling unwelcome because she’s advocating an unpopular cause?

  • The Old Crow Medicine Show on AT & T Blueroom
  • Green Fakers on Radar. The celebrity excuses are funny.
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