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Sound off

Wow, hits are up massively today, who are all you people?

I did notice that Google Images is indexing a fair amount of my photography, perhaps that’s the cause.


Alan Greenspan impressed me on the Daily Show last night.

One minor thing, they ran out of time before Greenspan could fully respond to Jon Stewart’s question of “Why do we favor investment over work?”. The question was in response to the stock market jumping in response than a greater than expected prime rate cut. The question does demand a long answer, and the part Greenspan didn’t have time to get to was

“The tax code is used to incentivize investment and work (a very approximate answer, it does that whether we want it to or not). The role of the Federal Reserve is to regulate the money supply and ensure that a dollar a year from now buys about as much as a dollar today.”

Tuesday round up

  • France is seeming warlike
  • Personal Batwings!
  • There’s a site for everything it seems. Including celebrity heights. Fred Thompson is six foot six.
  • More on the Atlanta BeltLine Scam. There is no definite plan, no construction yet, and taxes are already rising.

    the proposed 22-mile loop of park and trails ringing downtown will create a circle of wealth and an outer ring of concentrated poverty, warns the Georgia Tech professor who conducted the analysis.

    Atlanta is an unconscious conspiracy of real estate developers.

  • From LifeHacker – 7 Thinking Errors
  • Jane Fonda caused Global Warming! A massive overstatement, but it’s sobering to think where we would be in terms of carbon emissions if we had continued our nuclear power pace from the 70s. Given cheaper electricity, we would probably be farther along with electric cars too.
  • Zen Pundit on al Quaidastan

Rep. Jack Kingston provides a stirring indictment

Of himself in this case. From the AJC

But Rep. Jack Kingston is making no apologies for being the House champion for Georgia when it comes to snagging federal dollars for his home state and his home district around Savannah.

In the current spending bills working their way through Congress for the new fiscal year, which begins next month, Kingston is sponsoring or co-sponsoring earmarks estimated at $83 million, more than any other Georgian in the House.

Despite being a conservative Republican, Kingston argues that snagging programs and projects is a time-honored tradition for Georgia lawmakers.

I suppose they’re going to lose a few more rounds. It’s always time for term limits.

Advice on seeming Reaganesque

Since all of the Republicans candidates for president are trying to be the next Ronald Reagan, why not run on his platform? Just cross out the parts about the Soviet Union, and presto! It’s not like much of his domestic agenda got enacted. We still have the departments of Energy, Education and so on. Government is still the problem after all…