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Friday link round up

  • Intown Coyotes – They’re in Oakhurst, which while wooded, is certainly not a suburban area in the traditional sense. I wonder if they make fun of the country coyotes and get weird tattoos…
  • A profile of the last remaining WW I veteran, here is one who passed away last year at the age of 113. To quote from the article

    “Census records show that Mr. Hardy‚Äôs father was born in the 1830s and that both his parents were slaves, Mr. Young said.”

    It’s amazing that the past is that close in the human chain.

  • Michael Yon reviews the combat cameras

Rest In Peace Sarah Stever

Yesterday I received a call from a friend telling me that a friend of ours, Sarah Snow Stever had passed away at the age of 35, from a stroke apparently. It’s very sad; I didn’t know her that well, mostly from various bluegrass jams, and I only met her husband once, but it’s shocking to realize that someone so young can be taken from us all. Sarah, we’ll miss you.

Obituary here.

Tuesday link roundup

  • Google Earth and Sketch Up
  • Contra Matt Stevers: A study says curvy women are smarter (anyone catch the reference?)
  • TweakVista
  • Patrick Lang puts it very well in a column and the fallacy of humanities “homogenous future” with Brooks and Friedman have missed something in their discussions of religion.

    They have missed a simple truth. MOST PEOPLE WHO PROFESS RELIGION ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN THE TRUTH OF THEIR GROUP’S TEACHING ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE AND THE MEANING OF EXISTENCE. They do not see their sect, denomination, church, etc. as a mere vehicle for the expression of social concern for the welfare of others.

    Orthodox Christian theology proclaims the majesty of a triune God. Muslims and Jews do not. Mormons believe in something altogether different.

    Members of those groups (if they are truly members and not just “life cycle” auxiliaries) are capable of accepting each other as “good people” and fellow citizens. They are NOT CAPABLE of accepting the truth of groups who deny the essential beliefs of their own group.

    That is what was meant in the recent pronouncement from Rome of the limits of Christian-Muslim dialog. Dialog among all religious groups is desirable as a means of establishing a harmony of the peoples, but there are limits imposed by THEOLOGY beyond which such discussions can not progress.

    I would have added “No matter how may of those “CoExist” bumper stickers you see.”

Weird things on Craig’s List

While I was uploading some large files I came across these two items on the “Women Seeking Men” section

Item One:

Hi. I am staying with friends outside Buckhead, BUt I have to move..I am 25 former Bad girl (was in trouble, not now)single. Looking to move in and COOK CLEAN DO LAUNDRY AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEEDS in xchange for rent and….I am very good looking..5’6″ 111 lt brown hair green eyes. and for real…Race doesnt matter

Item Two:

I am seeking a professional man that owns his own business and calls all the shots. To describe my self a little, I am multi-ethnic, 5’5, 130lbs, carmel skin, white teeth, nice curly medium length hair, very intelligent, discrete and sweet.

I’m seeking employment, something 40 hours a weeks( I have a resume)
The beneifits are office sex with me, or a side relationship.
If you are serious respond with a place where we can interview(not a hotel or a house)and a job details.

I’m not sure which combination of sued/murdered/robbed/conned would result, but at least two of them seem certain. Does people post these things because they work, or is it just a cry of desperation?

Regaining Strength

On one of the talking heads shows yesterday I heard the oft-repeated mantra “The Taliban is regaining strength in Afghanistan”. I’ve been hearing this since late 2002. At this rate they should have their own death star by now. They certainly have staying power at some level, but regaining strength seems to have been disproved by history.