Predictions in retrospect

My Predictions in retrospect – it seems I was quite wrong – there was a hidden trump surge, either that, or pollsters underestimate the number of people living in low density areas.
The real surprise was how LOW the voter turnout was, Trump got fewer votes than Romney, and Clinton will wind up with almost 10 MILLION FEWER votes than Obama in 2008. And that is after 4 and 8 years of population growth, respectively. It would seem to point to more of a Clinton loss than a Trump victory, which is probably what history will say about the matter. Clinton really was exceptionally unpopular with Democrats, or Obama was exceptionally popular with Democrats (or both). Article here
It would seem that the popular media world (mirrored largely on Facebook) and the rest of the world do not track each other that well.
And on a happier notes – voters chose not to return Joe Arpaio to Office and marijuana prohibition was largely struck down in several states!
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