Random thoughts – inauguration day

Or the marches and protests anyway. the best way to change the world is to hang out with people who already agree with you root and branch.

A couple thoughts –

1. Since the whole John Lewis thing happened no one about the supposed Russia hacking.
2. What could the Russian’s have on Trump that could embarrass him at this point? Money laundering perhaps?
3. No one has talked about the Panama papers in months.
4. No one has talked about the OPM hack (supposedly committed by China) in a year.
5. Russian has managed to elevate itself in our eyes from a grouchy, bankrupt regional power to it’s cold war self again, at least in terms of mindshare – all in a few months – Putin’s vanity must be flattered.
6. Talk of Nato withdrawal has been quiet while Russia tensions have escalated
7. Trumps health care picks have some degree of potential

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