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Everything old is new again – our fun new McCarthyism – and more random thoughts

One thing that seems to be coming about lately is that the modern left is “shaming” and doxxing the participants in whatever sort of right you want to the rally last weekend – in a manner eerily reminiscent of McCarthy’s blacklist.

I don’t have any particular problem with that, there is no right to privacy when in public, though people with meaningful work seldom in mass movements so I’m not sure what difference it will make.

Random thoughts

On an unrelated note, it’s interesting to hear people who would never ask the average Muslim to apologize for ISIS (which is the morally correct path) carefully parse Trump’s words and find them wanting, as if there is some right answer they would be happy with.

I think the alt-right, such as it is, will continue to punch above it’s weight in terms of ideological impact (which is actually quite small, but outsize in terms of media attention) because they are actually showing up to persuade, at least a little bit, compared to their sworn enemies who are merely adding profanity to the conventional wisdom.  The alt right worldview is both coherent, new and Utopian, albeit lacking in morality and accuracy.  The progressive left is stuck trying to paint modern reality as experienced by those with degrees in the humanities as the best of all possible worlds.  Both are victims of the narrative and intentional fallacies to high degrees, as one would expect for people who go to marches

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