The perfect metaphor for l’affaire de Kavanaugh

Is the Iraq war – with the sides reversed – consider

  1.  People similar to him have done horrible things (those people being violent drunken men)
  2. There is very little real evidence actually presented at this point (no one besides Kavanaugh has testified yet) – damning or otherwise – it’s pretty much all Facebook conjecture
  3. One side of the aisle has an interest in hyping the matter
  4. The call is to BELIEVE, or BELIEVE IN the people telling the story, and not the evidence they have

Happily this should be able to be resolved a bit better either way than that.

On another note, many years ago I remember talking with someone who grew up in the fifties – she said that (when she was growing up) her mom did not let her go to parties if any Irish (maybe she said Catholics, I don’t remember exactly, but I think she said Irish) kids would be there, as they would just get drunk and assault-ty.  The more things change…

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