It’s a real problem for people, but – the first Atlanta Slate Star Codex Meeting was a success

“It’s a real problem for people, but…” was the one-liner of the day, spoken by Nathan about the incentives faced by hospitals.

The first Atlanta Slate Star Codex meetup (that I’ve been to) was a smashing success.  We had one RSVP (who did not show) and seven attendees, which makes for a wonderful meetup.  The number was right (and the SSC readership  behaves quite well in groups) for everyone to be in on the conversation with no need for direction.

The topics of the day included

  • Brain chemistry and optimization
  • Melatonin (but not sleep in general, I found interesting)
  • Sleep in particular (particularly sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming)
  • Guns (group consensus – they’re awesome – (that surprised me))
  • Niche groups
  • Self-Selection
  • Ingroup/outgroup (a lot)
  • Mental illness
  • Optimizing credit card usage/gaming the system of rewards, bonuses
  • Machine learning/AI (of course)
  • Books (of course – Kolmya Stories  and American Hippopotamus were the ones I was talking about)
  • A couple others I’ve forgotten about

The meeting had no structure or set topics and the conversation just drifted happily.  I am setting up another meetup for next month, probably at the same place.