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Selective Lack of Sentiment is the Value-Add of Ideology

Kevin Williamson kicked off the thought process with this paragraph – referring to the Nation and Mother Jones magazines

Rather than bring out the best in them — the muckraking, the unsentimental view of American life made possible by a politics not excessively burdened by patriotism — President Donald Trump and his merry men have driven the Left deeper into daft identity politics and vague conspiracy-mongering. Where once there was Christopher Hitchens, now there is the “interactive privilege simulator.” That is not progress.

Which does raise the thought that it is the unsentimental side of an ideology that has value.

That would break out to

Liberals (not the populist left) contribute insight onto

  1. The military
  2. Foreign Policy
  3. The criminal justice system
  4. Come to think of it, anything involving flags and guns
  5. What life is actually like on the bottom

Conservatives (not the populist right) contribute insight into

  1. Education
  2. Poverty/anything even remotely resembling an underclass
  3. Anything involving the “intersectional/priviledge” – though that is probably a recent development

Libertarians (there are no populist libertarians) contribute insight into

  1. The actual working of the state, and it’s victims
  2. Insight about the planning fallacy, and central planning – that probably includes all of the insights libertarians have
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