Tin Foil Hats are Comfortable – the Fourth Atlanta SSC Meetup

Last Saturday we had the fourth Slate Star Codex Atlanta meetup, with two new members (yay) for a total of five. We rambled on for about three and a half hours. Topics included

  1. Guns
  2. The math of revolutions and violent uprisings (historically more likely than I’d ever actually thought)
  3. Negative effects of smoking cessation (one of my pet theories)
  4. Creating a regional form of government between states and the federal government (the more I think about this the more I like it)
  5. LARPing
  6. Nootropics
  7. Relations between police and the citizenry
  8. And many more

The title line of the meetup came from new member BJ. The next meetup will be in three weeks or so, probably in the same place.

Here are the links

  1. The Great War and TimeGhost
  2. Handwaving Freakoutery