Expansion on the evil CCP genius post

After a discussion at the meetup I think it can be simplified as this

“Hey Dearest Chairman – I have this idea on how we can secure Russian oil, gas, food and financial traffic forever – which would neutralize much of the American advantage over us, without firing a shot”

“How will you do that?”

“We get the Russians to invade Ukraine in a cruel and barbarous fashion – The west will cut them off, which will drive Russia to a competitor for their goods, namely us. We can also see how well the weapons of the west do in actual combat. The best thing is, the Russians don’t even have to win – once these change are made there is no way to go back!”

“Make it so”

Evil Chinese Communist Party Genius Musings

If an evil genius within the CCP foreign policy department decided to come up with a scheme that would:

  1.  Solidify their north western flank
  2. Reroute Russia’s energy consumption to China in a reasonably permanent way
  3. Make Russia tied to the Chinese financial system
  4. Exhaust the Western/NATO advanced weapons supply
  5. Let the world see how Western mechanized tactics works against actual opposition
  6. Hide anything they’re doing the the Uighurs
  7. Make Russia totally dependent on China economically and diplomatically
  8. Exhaust the foreign policy budgets of the west (by funding all of the URK economy)
  9. Refocus all of the analytic and technical intelligence apparatus from East to West

Could they have done a better job than the Russia/Ukraine war?

Moldbug actually says something well

An actually good metaphor from Moldbug (though I will give him some points for defining Effective Altruism as “Telescopic Philanthropy)  the below is about libertarianism

Capitalism is cool. Spontaneous order is cool. Yet it is easy to ignore the fact that capitalism, as we know it, is not mostly made of spontaneous order. It is not a sea of self-employing economic atoms.

Capitalism is a sea of economic molecules. Some of these molecules are single atoms. Some are giant megacorporations. Between the molecules, all order is spontaneous. Within the molecules—raisins in the bread—all order is directed and monarchical.