February, 2013

Feb 13

Wednesday Insight from Colonel Blotto

The more I think about it – the Colonel Blotto Problem explains a lot – check it  out.

Feb 13

Thought for the day

Engineers create value, designers reveal value.

I had that thought while watching a documentary on the early history of Silicon Valley – it was entirely dominated by hard core engineers, all of them making components, not products.

Feb 13

Let’s see if this will post to facebook

I’ve finally gotten around to linking my blog and Facebook accounts, the better to bore the rest of you on the social network.  This is the test post.

Feb 13

Monday quote

From Shaw, Via Munger

At the end of the day every profession is a conspiracy against the laity

by the way, listen to all of Munger’s great speech, The Psychology of Human Misjudgment.

Feb 13

Quote of the day – Friday edition

Mark Twain

Those of you inclined to worry have the widest selection in history.

Feb 13

An engrossing episode of sesame street