March, 2015

Mar 15

Ever More Quotes of the day

Again from Slate Star Codex

The difference between “religion” and “culture” has always been pretty vague. Shinto is the best example; it’s less a coherent metaphysical narrative than a bunch of things Japanese people do and a repository for Japanese traditions and rituals. A quick look at Hinduism reveals that they have no idea what gods they believe in, it’s a bunch of different religions stuck together under one umbrella, but the point is that it’s the sort of thing Indian people do and a repository of Indian traditions. Even though Jews have a pretty coherent religion, the line between “Jewish culture” and “Jewish religion” is equally fuzzy. Religion as distinct from culture seems like a pretty Western phenomenon, the result of a triumphant Christianity colonizing cultures it never originated from, ending out with the modern conception of culture as ethnic food + silly costumes.

Mar 15

Quote of the day – David Friedman edition

From a review of David Friedman’s book the Machinery of Freedom over at Slate Star Codex

My overall conclusion is that I am delighted by this fascinating and elegant system and would very much like to see it tried somewhere very far away from me.

Mar 15

Playing Woodstock

How much did they make?  Apparently you can find out.

Mar 15

Making teaching scale to pay teachers like rockstars

Of course – it has to be doing something that scales…

IIRC this is pretty common in South Korea – I’m sort of surprised that the separation of lecturer and coach isn’t more common.