July, 2017

Jul 17

Transgender Dog Whistles

So, the whole “transgender issue”, whatever that is seems to be the premier dog whistle and distraction of the age – Trump just made some pronouncement on the topic – which will gin up lots of controversy, which probably means that there is some other more important, probably brand detrimental bit of news that will be coming down the pike soon.  Russia?  Sessions?  Healthcare?

Jul 17

Thought of the day – from Henry Luce

From here

A higher percentage of working age men are at work in FRANCE than in America.

Jul 17

I’m not sure if this is a sad comment or not

From Marleigh on the way to zoo camp this morning.

Daddy – you haven’t made any new friends in a long time – do you want some help making new friends?

She is good at that sort of thing…

Jul 17

Quote of the day

From Ammon Hennacy via Utah

Judge: You really think you’re going to change the world that way?

Hennacy: Maybe not, but it sure as hell isn’t going to change me!