Feb 13

Let’s see if this will post to facebook

I’ve finally gotten around to linking my blog and Facebook accounts, the better to bore the rest of you on the social network.  This is the test post.

Dec 11

As promised, I return – after two years!

I return, triumphantly, to the world of blogging, look upon my works ye mighty, and despair.  Or be unimpressed, your call.

Oct 09

I’m blogging elsewhere these days

I’ve devoted most of my free time lately to getting Stronico off the ground, and consequently I’ve been blogging at the Stronico Blog. I’ve decided to write about every problem that takes me more than 15 minutes to solve, it’s my HowToFix series for Silverlight and related technology.

Jul 09

Since it’s been a long time

I think I will check to see if the blog still works.

Feb 08

Sorry for the light blogging (again)

Work has been hectic, and house projects have taken up the remainder of my free time. On another note, the bookshelves near completion.

Dec 07

X-Sql, welcome to the Blogroll

I have recently discovered that my friend Naim has recently started blogging about software matters and such at

Welcome to the blogsphere!

Sep 07

A Hoffer appearance

It seems that ZenPundit is a fan of Eric Hoffer too, as well as Mises and Orwell. Interesting.

Sep 07

Sound off

Wow, hits are up massively today, who are all you people?

I did notice that Google Images is indexing a fair amount of my photography, perhaps that’s the cause.

Jul 07

A sad day

I just read Mike Hendrix’ (of Cold wife Christiana passed away in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. I first met Mike in the late 90s at one of his Belmont Playboys shows. They remain the best rockabilly group I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I ever met Christiana.

A sad day.

Jul 07

This is cool…

I just checked my Technorati profile, and see that someone added me to their BlogShare account. How cool!