Central Asia

Mar 07

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Oct 06

The under reported flashpoint of the moment

It’s Russia vs Georgia. One, financially strong due to a high oil price, but weakening everywhere else it seems, and the other a scrappy underdog with some smart leadership. Coming Anarchy has a nice synopsis of the current sort-of crisis. Expect this to become big news over the next few weeks.

Aug 06

Thoughts on today

Another terror plot is centered in London and Pakistan, as were the 7/7 plot.

I wonder if the prime focus of radical Islam is not the Arab word but Central Asia. Perhaps Arab culture, for good or ill, is too strongly ingrained to be replaced by a pure (messianic cult) version of Islam. The Central Asian states, might be more pliable due to 70 years of Soviet purges weakening the societies.

Just a thought.

May 05

I join the rest of the blogsphere

I join the rest of the blogsphere in condemning the current Newsweek crap.
Cox and Forkum put it very well here.

And it’s over shadowing reports of over 700 deaths in Uzbekistan.