Jan 07

Atlanta cop update

See Report: Lies involved in no-knock warrant and Town hall meeting to discuss “no-knock” warrants. The systems seems to be working, albeit quite slowly. I’d assumed that since this feel out of the news for a month that it was being covered up, it’s nice to see that I might be wrong about that.

Jan 07

Not surprising

Cop wounded in drug raid that killed woman to retire

Curiously, the name of the APD spokesman is James Polite, which is just kind of eerie. If that’s your name, are you destined for some kind of PR occupation?

Dec 06

We all knew cell phones could spy on you…

Now it seems to be confirmed

The FBI appears to have begun using a novel form of electronic surveillance in criminal investigations: remotely activating a mobile phone’s microphone and using it to eavesdrop on nearby conversations.

And if the FBI can do it, talented hackers can do it too. One can be tracked (more or less) by a cell phone too.

Sep 06

Classic movies everyone should see

  • Ivan the Terrible Part II – Quite good, interesting insight into the Russian character and the central role autocracy has always played in Russian history. Visually it’s quite stunning too.
  • The Seventh Seal – Man’s struggle with God and Death come across much more believably in subtitles.
  • I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang – Life on the chain gang comes across as more believable than realistic, an excellent piece. The final few minutes are particularly jarring.

Jul 06


First Michelle and Luke get their car broken into, and now this. I ride the Silver Comet at least a couple of times a month, and some other, probably more dangerous routes as well. I think the Comet is the only route where one would stay missing though. From Today’s AJC

Woman missing from Silver Comet Trail
Searchers are combing the Silver Comet biking trail in Cobb County today for a missing Sandy Springs woman last seen Monday afternoon.

Two helicopters and about 100 family, friends and law enforcement officials are hunting for Jennifer Ewing, 54, who left from home in a Honda minivan with her red bike about 2 p.m. Monday to ride the trail.

The helicopters are equipped with infrared radar, a heat-seeking tool that allows searchers to see through dense woods and differentiate bodies on the ground, said Georgia State Trooper Larry Schnall.

Jennifer Ewing makes the outing on the 50-mile wooded path through Cobb and Paulding Counties about four days a week, said Smyrna police Sgt. Robert Harvey.

Update: Police have found a body along the trail, somewhere in Paulding Country.

Dec 05

A site for my many readers

As my brain is soft and fuzzy right now, I’ll suggest this one without much comment.

Crime Library – tons of great history.

Sep 05

Merits a read

This story about a carjacking in North Cobb is quite worth the read.

When I just ran the spell check the Blogger software wanted to replace “carjacking” with “churchgoing”.

Sep 05

Statement of no progress

The Erie PA pizza bomb case remains unsolved with no leads. It’s good people are still paying attention to it. My original post about it was here.

Sep 05

Rapid Fire