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Home is where they feed me

Assuming no one calls from the found dog signs I’ll be putting up tomorrow, it looks like Drex has a new playmate. Her name is tentatively Frida. I think someone abandoned her today. She’s very sweet and submissive and gets along surprisingly well with Drex. They both seem to have agreed that he is the Alpha of the two. Beyond that he doesn’t really care. Hopefully she can stop him from freaking out during thunderstorms.

Tornado parties and the kindness of strangers

So, last night I venture out into one of the more interesting parts of downtown to go to a party at the offices of my good friends at Lucky Fish. I carefully check the weather beforehand so as I can be home before any thunderstorms so my dog won’t have his usual psychotic break that happens when a storm comes and I’m not there. The storms were supposed to come around midnight and I planned to leave around 11:00 PM. All was good.

It was a great party, with casino games and cool people. I’m near the door around 9:30 when I notice the wrath of God happening outside. Someone checks news on a ubiquitous I-Phone and says that CNN Center and the Georgia Dome have just been hit by a tornado. The first tornado to hit downtown in living memory. The history is made more notable by the fact that the party is a quarter mile away. Crap I think. I’m not worried about my personal safety as we were in a converted 100 year old well built factory . Nonetheless leaving is out of the question. I’ve driven through one tornado and I’m not driving through another one.

We all head down to the basement, and the party continues. The power goes out too, which makes for a very fun party by candlelight. The second tornado warning passed around midnight and I made my way back home through downtown Atlanta.

Not surprisingly the city looked like a tornado had just passed through (photos from the AJC here and here. My house is about four miles from the first link and two miles from the second.). I resign myself to the thought that the dog had destroyed the remaining blinds in my office (his favorite target) and hope for the best in terms of structural damage.

I return home to find the house untouched, the blinds shredded, the back door open, and the dog gone. Fresh teethmarks on the knob tell me that he had opened the door to come look for me when the thunder hit. I also make the unpleasant discovery that the back door no longer latches (hence his ability to open it).

I first look in the jungle/backyard area beyond the fence where has sometimes jumped, to no avail. I sneak through all my neighbors backyards and can’t find him. I drive around the neighborhood looking for him, and he’s nowhere in sight. It was quite dark and foggy and the odds of finding him were close to zero, so after several hours I decide to wake up at dawn and look then.

I get a call at 3:50 AM from someone asking me if I was missing a dog! I thank them profusely and congratulate myself on the custom tag I’d gotten him with my name and phone number. I then rushed over to where they were.

Somehow he’d make it all the way to the East Atlanta village, a distance of two miles. All the power was out in that neighborhood, even emergency power. I find the very nice people on the sidewalk standing over an exhausted but unharmed pooch. Apparently he had stopped to rest and they came over to him thinking he was hurt, and found my number. Why and how he made it all the way over there I have no idea. I thanked the good Samaritans profusely and went home. Drex was almost asleep by the time we got back and he’s been sleeping for most of the day.

And that was my Friday adventure.

The circle of life

We now have mega bright lights in the parking lot to dissuade potential car thieves. One side effect of the lights is that the wooded area is much darker since the trees shadow the lights in that direction. I was walking Drex around midnight and we walked to within 3 feet of a cat (who was in the wooded area, about to pounce on a field mouse) before Drex noticed his natural enemy.

Needless to say, he was overjoyed and pounced. I was just barely able to pull him back in time. This scares the cat out of the way, and the field mouse escapes.

Drex is still quite hyper two hours later.

As it should be

Just got back from the vet to pick up Drex. He seemed very calm and good spirited and had has his nails cut (which makes me think they drugged him). All is back as it should be here in Steveland. It’s amazing how much of an empty space is created when pets aren’t there.

Solid Quality

Dearborn Animal Hospital (no site that I know of) gets a solid thumbs up from me. I just got back from Drex’s first appointment there, and I’m very impressed. Good people, knowledgeable and kind, and surprisingly well priced.

Any dog in a storm…

I get back from the Luxury Kings show last night and find out that Drex has had a …. strong reaction to being alone when there’s thunder outside. It is a nice picture of the two of us together. Note the hole in the wall (about two thirds of it was already there, but still, this was a bit excessive.) There are new teeth dents in the doorknob too.


I just pulled a chicken bone out of my dog’s throat. Who doesn’t know that dogs choke on those?

Here I am walking my dog (on a leash, as always) on my private (but physically accessible to outsiders property) and I notice my dog acting a bit funny. After a quick check his mouth seems a bit strange so I open it up, see the bone, and then have to pull it out of his freaking throat. He’s fine now but who doesn’t know that chicken bones kill dogs? And what the hell are they doing littering on private property anyway?

No one who lives in this condo complex ever actually parks there (it’s not that convenient to any of the units) and the only person I’ve ever seen there is some woman checking a map, though I’ve seen her do that several times.