Jun 05

Upon further reflection

Upon further consideration, I rename the Chilly Loner the Frozen Loner.

Jun 05

My contribution to the American palate

  1. Buy bananas
  2. Put bananas, unskinned in freezer
  3. Freeze until rock solid
  4. Remove from freezer
  5. Let sit for 5-10 minutes (the banana itself will stay frozen, but the peel will thaw
  6. With small paring knife, whittle away peel, leaving a thin layer of peel on the banana itself, it should be mostly brown with patches of white, with no yellow
  7. Eat with fork

I call it the Chilly Loner, Frozen Loner. It’s cheap, simple, healthy, and tastes like a cross between a power bar and ice cream. The layer of skin is essential.

Update, I changed the name.