Freedom House

Oct 08

Loner Updates

Sorry for all the light blogging – I’ve been in a frenzy building the new company/web application. I also installed (with a friend) a new carrying beam in the basement – the house is far more stable and level now.

In the meantime – check out the following links

Jul 08

Home is where they feed me

Assuming no one calls from the found dog signs I’ll be putting up tomorrow, it looks like Drex has a new playmate. Her name is tentatively Frida. I think someone abandoned her today. She’s very sweet and submissive and gets along surprisingly well with Drex. They both seem to have agreed that he is the Alpha of the two. Beyond that he doesn’t really care. Hopefully she can stop him from freaking out during thunderstorms.

Jun 08

A tree grows at the Freedom House

I just planted a Royal Empress sapling; it’s currently about one handspan tall. We’ll see if it grows as fast as the experts say.

Incidentally, I got it over the internet, which makes everything available online these days…

I haven’t been blogging much, but not much has been going on besides work these days.

May 08

Saturday rapid fire

  • Dean Kamen’s Robot Arm – simply incredible. Why Kamen isn’t America’s most highly regarded public citizen is a mystery.
  • The liberal media follows me around an takes notes – I had this conversation with some friends last week, it’s an odd coincidence. I don’t cry at movies but my the movies that come closes are The Virgin Spring and On The Beach.
  • More HDR Photography
  • Groupware is bad
  • Russia’s Hypermortality

    Moreover, a large proportion of the Russian workforce may be too drunk to function. Almost one male death in three is alcohol-related. “The increase of alcohol consumption from 10 to 15 liters and an almost simultaneous increase in mortality suggests the central role played by alcohol to mortality, in average up to 426,000 per year in 1980-2001. Alcohol-related deaths total 29.6 percent of total mortality for men and 17.0 percent for women,” the report says.

  • My next project is going to be something like this

May 08

Update on the two murders across the street

A news update here. It seems that there were two killers, and also that they planned to torch the house when they were done. Scary business.

May 08

For your viewing pleasure

Just fyi – still no real word on the double murder across the street.

To make everyone feel better, check out this Craig Shirky talk on the internet

May 08

Meeting the trouble halfway

So now it seems that the “incident”, which is to say, two murders, that happened 100 feet away from my house was a drug deal gone sour, and not a home invasion. That does make me feel a bit better. The shooter(s) being caught would seal the day nicely.

May 08

More info on the blue lights

Here is the article. Scary business. The article does describe the neighborhood as “Upscale”.

May 08

The night the blue lights kept the neighbors up

The street is taped off in front of my house, there are three police cars to the left and right of my house, and the church parking lot across the street is cordoned off with yellow police tape. A news van was here too (they left after about an hour). I’ve heard something of what happened, but I’ll link to the news story when it comes out in the morning.

Apr 08

The Freedom House sessions

Yesterday marked the first of what will hopefully be many Freedom House sessions, this time with Rocksploitation. Recordings will be available soon.