Feb 09

Jargon Database in the google rankings

I just went and checked Google Analytics for one of my sites, JargonDatabase.com – and much to my surprise, I rank #1 for

and many others, and #2 for

And many others. Wow.

May 07

Digital Hobos

Surprising, even in out internet age is the site E-Hobo.com. The most interesting site is of course, HoboTraveler.com (he’s currently in East Africa). The JargonDatabase.com list of Hobo Jargon is of course quite valuable.

Apr 07

Chinese people cannot know my wisdom

I’m being blocked by the Great Firewall of China. How cruel.

Oddly enough, Jargondatabase.com is freely available.

Feb 06


Oddly enough, this InstaChuckNorris from Parrotline is the largest referrer to Jargondatabase.com this month but a wide margin.