Aug 15

After fifteen years I finally see Robbie Fulks

In Duluth of all places

Dec 08

The line of last night…

(Woman I was talking to referring to band on stage)

“The singer sounds like he’s hitting a baby with a cat”

Dec 08

Listen and mellow

Aug 08

Thursday link roundup

Jul 08

I play with video

From my new tiny video camera. The sound quality is impressive, the degree to which YouTube Crunches it is not welcome.

Jul 08

Tom Waits

Last night I saw Tom Waits playing the Fox Theater. The show was wonderful; he did about half the songs I was hoping he would do. The only fly in the ointment was the massive array of hoops that TicketMaster made everyone jump though; only two tickets per household, original credit card required to enter, ticket checks every 20 feet, etc. It was a bit like the old Soviet Union. Security was much tighter at the show than at my visit to the capital last year actually.

And an addendum – I was talking to a long time Waits fan after the show and she said that the security concerns probably were Waits’ idea; apparently he’s willing to go a long way in his vendetta against scalpers.

May 08

With summer comes five more strings

Lately I’ve been fighting a craving for a banjo, I see the wonderful rendition of a Dock Boggs song (below) and I’m almost out the door to buy one….

Or should I get a mandolin?

Apr 08

The Freedom House sessions

Yesterday marked the first of what will hopefully be many Freedom House sessions, this time with Rocksploitation. Recordings will be available soon.

Apr 08

Rocksploitation joins the internet

Check out the new Rocksploitation site – designed and built by me.

Dec 07

I play a different venue

In this case, Blind Willies in the Highlands on Sunday night. Judging the reaction of the small but appreciative crowd, it sounded good.