Oct 09

I’m blogging elsewhere these days

I’ve devoted most of my free time lately to getting Stronico off the ground, and consequently I’ve been blogging at the Stronico Blog. I’ve decided to write about every problem that takes me more than 15 minutes to solve, it’s my HowToFix series for Silverlight and related technology.

Jul 09

Stronico begins

As Silverlight 3 nears release – so does Stronico – my next killer app, or in this case, a visual contact and private network manager. Hopefully it will be done by the end of summer.

I just finished the home page for the site (albeit it will change in a few days as the logo gets completed. Check it out at

Oct 08

Loner Updates

Sorry for all the light blogging – I’ve been in a frenzy building the new company/web application. I also installed (with a friend) a new carrying beam in the basement – the house is far more stable and level now.

In the meantime – check out the following links