A good article from Landsburg

I stumbled across this on Cafe Hayek.

“Diversity” has always been my least favorite Shibboleth of the left. In fact, nothing else even comes close, although the right wing habit of appending “of faith” at the end of ever sentence is rapidly closing catching up.

That was why I liked this piece by Steven Landsburg. Initial Paragraph:

I was invited to speak about “diversity” to an audience of about 80 students, roughly half black and half white. Most of the blacks sat on the left side of the room and most of the whites sat on the right—as good an indication as any that nobody really cares very much about diversity.

How much of life is taken up with these self-conscious display of piety? If you removed all of the man-years that people have spent talking about “diversity”, “sexuality”, “culture of life”,”family values” I wonder what, if anything would be lost.

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  • grandmapa

    Good Blog !
    Inordinate focus on diversity started in my fortune 50 company about 10-15 years ago. All managers and senior level people were required to attend multiple and ongoing diversity classes (about every 6 months) where we were heavily dipped in diversity-think.

    Our Human Resource department played special attention to Homosexuality acceptance and promotion.

    Contrary to HR’s thinking, these classes did not help employees or the bottom line. We would have been better served by having classes on professional development, integrity, innovation, etc. No wonder the company has not performed well since.