An interesting evening with PBS

I Tivo’d Speaking Freely on a whim and was amused to see that Charlie Daniels was the guest. I actually learned quite a bit.

  1. He’s a very good fingerpicker, I thought he only played fiddle
  2. He was on Nashville Skyline I thought that Norman Blake did all of the guitar work on that.
  3. He is a very articulate and charming guy, which is not the impression I had of him before. Although after 30 years as an entertainer I shouldn’t be surprised he knows how to work a room.

Then it was on to Unfiltered with Tucker Carlson, which is rapidly becoming my favorite of the talking head shows. At first I was surprised when by the quality, since Crossfire was terrible. It opens with a monologue, then on to 2 rounds of interviews with experts of some kind. The absense of politicians reciting canned responses is quite rereshing.