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Last of the old cell pictures

I found these old pictures on the cell phone so I figure I’ll tell the story about them for prosperity.

Sometime last October Mark and I were out riding around downtown, afterwards we go to Moes’ in Ansley. After we come out (this is in probably the most left-leaning neighborhood in a very Democratic city) we see this bumper sticker,

which really stood out in terms of humor and originality. All the other bumper stickers (on around 90% of cars) were fairly juvenile and stale.

We exchanged a good chuckle and I took the picture (note reflection).

Up comes a large steroidal guy who sees me taking the picture and goes “You want to see a good bumper sticker, look at this one”. We then go to his car and he has this one.

He then mistook my saying “That’s pretty good too” (which it is) for “Elaborate on the topic. Tell me all your feelings on immigration and how your background informed your opinion; don’t omit anything. Go back generations in your family if you have to but make sure I understand your position completely.”

Which he did for the next 20 minutes or so.

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