RSS Readers

I’ve been using the free version of Abilon for a while. It’s very good at some things, the tabbed browsing inside the RSS program itself is especially nice, but it has the unpleasant habit of choking when it tries to update the feeds. Also it will sometimes “lose” feeds. No idea why that happens. I’m current experimenting with FeedDemon but it does not have tabbed browsing inside the program. I’ll keep my loyal readers posted on what I decide.

If only there were some kind of product placement and review system for the blogsphere!


  • CodePoet

    They’re called live bookmarks I think. When you come across a page w/ a feed, you get an orange icon in the status bar. When you click it, it adds a bookmark (which if you have them displayed on your sidebar, you can then open them up in a tree view)