Pesky second wind

Thursday was quite hectic for me, I work 15 and a half hours, then I continue on into Friday morning. I stop drinking caffeine earlier than I usually do with the express intent of being quite sleepy around 2:00 or so at the very latest.

It all goes according to plan; I’m sleepy and about ready to doze off around midnight. And then what happens? I work a bit later than I intend to, and at 2:30 I get a second wind. I’m now quite awake

All that being said, here’s what I was going to blog about today:

I got my server working again, sort of. I think a part of the boot sector got corrupted, I wasn’t able to do the upgrade around it and had to do a clean install on the new drive. I was able to pull off all of the data and databases off of the original drive, which works fine so long as you don’t boot off of it.

However, all of my setting were lost and I can’t log into the database with any of my old username and passwords. Hence my intranet is down. Any ideas any of my many technical readers?

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