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Ideas to elaborate on later

Here are ideas and historical (no emotional connection to me) events that have fundamentally affected my outlook.

In no particular order

  • Pareto Optimality
  • Coase Theorem
  • Hayek and Sowell on the limits and costs of knowledge
  • Gresham’s law
  • Napoleon’s invasion of Russia
  • Dominant Strategies
  • Schelling Points (as elaborated on by David Friedman)
  • The seatbelts kill theory of Steven Landsburg (though the theory might actually originate with George Stigler)
  • The diaries of Eric Hoffer (and his books, they’re fairly similar) as they deal with mass movements
  • Network effects
  • Robert Nozick’s notion of morality as a time saving device (morality is used very broadly) as explained in the Examined Life
  • The defensive boxing style of Pernell Whitaker

I’ll have more detail on what they are and how they are all used later.

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