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LA Times echoes A-Sides

From Max Boot in the LA Times

In the last 50 years, $2.3 trillion has been spent to help poor countries. Yet Africans’ income and life expectancy have gone down, not up, during that period, while South Korea, Singapore and other Asian nations that received little if any assistance have moved from African-level poverty to European-level prosperity thanks to their superior economic policies.


Any real solution to Africa’s problems must focus on the root causes of poverty — mainly misgovernment. Instead of pouring billions more down the same old rat holes, maybe the Live 8 crew should promote a more innovative approach: Use the G-8’s jillions 2 hire mercenaries 4 the overthrow of the 6 most thuggish regimes in Africa. That would do more to help ordinary Africans than any number of musical extravaganzas.

Oddly enough, Adam expressed the same idea, in nearly the same words last Sunday. Strange.

And as I do a spell check of this post, It tags “misgovernment” as a misspelling, and wants to replace it with “McGovern”.


  • Anonymous

    You can add my name to the list of people who think doing something like Live Aid only helps the powers-that-be further their agenda of keeping anyone from figuring out the real problem.

    You would think with all that knowledge in Bono’s head he would had tolf Geldof he’s a jackass instead of saying “sure, we’ll play.”


  • Steve

    I had that thought too actually. Bono seems to go out of his way to stay palatable to everyone yet still extremely visible, all without actually helping anyone directly. I heard someone opine the end game is that he gets the Nobel prize