Plame Affair,  Politics

Morning thoughts

So this is what 7:30 looks like!

I wake up to find the Plame affair has gotten much more interesting. It now seems that Robert Novak was the source for Rove! And Wilson says that his wife was not a covert operative at the time of the incident! One more weird fact and we have vaudeville.

I suppose this would explain why the democrats haven’t jumped on this sordid affair as much they could have. At this point, Wilson seems like a bit of a liar and drama queen who does not want a closer look at the facts of his involvement in the early part of this, and if Rove did in fact learn from Novak, then he’s clean on every possible count.

Of course the next obvious question is: Who is Judy Miller’s source in all this? Since she’s in jail now it would seem logical that her source was not Rove, Wilson perhaps?

Vaudeville, Vaudeville I say!

Also, headlines like Muslims are urged to help find the bombers are good to see. HT: Q & O.


  • Anonymous

    yep – the miller and cooper would have run to the stand to divulge Rove’s name were it that simple. Rove gave them clearance to do so 18 months ago. there’s another source they didn’t want to get out, and maybe it’s all becoming clear now.

    – pROVEn innocent