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Thought of the moment

A random notion I had while walking Drex (and mind you this just throwing out an idea)

Three True Points:

  • The internet has made educational material very, very cheap, realistically the only cost is time.
  • The return on human capital (brains) is at an all time high and climbing
  • It is easier to learn points of fact via the web than it is to learn matters of mathematical principle and logic

Therefore we should stop teaching the following in the lower grades:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Anything labeled “Social Studies”
  • Applied Science

Why not concentrate the classroom time into learning grammar, logic/science and math? The student has due incentive to learn all of the subjects excised from the classroom, and it would not be filtered though our complicated education bureaucracy.

Thoughts anyone? I do realize that this would not be an issue if education were properly privatized.


  • Anonymous

    The biggest problem I see is that people will just start thinking whatever they want to regarding those four subjects. This is, to some extent, already true. Let’s not even get started on the fact that most of the history in public school is not exactly pure. I see this idea nuturing contempt for those subjects in ways that making people study them could only have imagined.

  • Anonymous

    Because it implies that those subjects are not important and can be overlooked, or looked at on your own time, which no one would ever do.