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Althouse says it better

When did you stop watching “The Daily Show”?

This week’s show, the first post-Katrina coverage, has been just blatantly telegraphing from the very first moment that the whole point of the show is to slam Bush. I’m upset about the hurricane and find it very off-putting to see political ideologues salivating over a chance to get Bush over this. I’m not even sure that’s what the show goes on to do. I just can’t bear to watch it. Instinctively, I don’t want to watch.

I’ve found that I mostly Tivo through most of it to get to some of the interviews and sketches. It’s also a bit strange that they’ve cut down on the sketches (they’ve gone from every episode to less than half) in favor of Stewart holding forth on some topic or another.

To quote Greg Geraldo on the late and lamented Tough Crowd

Most comics, they just go for the laugh, but you, you like to tell a story….

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