Low expectations

From the article Palestinians Celebrate Freedom in Gaza

Palestinians torched empty synagogues in the Morag, Kfar Darom and Netzarim settlements, as well as a Jewish seminary in Neve Dekalim. Later, a Palestinian bulldozer knocked down the walls of the Netzarim synagogue.

In Netzarim, two young Palestinians waving flags stomped on the smoldering debris outside the synagogue, and others took turns hitting the building with a large hammer.

“They (Israelis) destroyed our homes and our mosques. Today it is our turn to destroy theirs,” said a man in Neve Dekalim who gave his name only as Abu Ahmed.

Israel removed some 8,500 Gaza settlers from their homes in 21 settlements last month, and razed homes and most buildings in the communities. However, the Israeli Cabinet decided Sunday to leave 19 synagogue buildings intact, drawing complaints from the Palestinians and criticism from the United States.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the Israeli decision “puts the Palestinian Authority into a situation where it may be criticized for whatever it does.”

So this behavior was expected and excused before the fact.

As Tom Palmer remarked about Chechnya, what do you do when it’s too late to do the right thing?

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