Fun with education

While it’s strange that the priests of the education establishment always maintain that the presence of middle and upper class students helps out lower-class students, what is actually most interesting about this article is that the misspellings of “lose” (as in not win) are equal to it’s correct spellings (3 apiece).


  • Anonymous

    How many close friends do you have that grew up poor in an area that was made up entirely of minorities?


    (and for the first and last time, journalists can’t spell, it’s not novel writing, no one who is tweaked about ninnying the English language even works in the industry anymore)

    It’s my birthday!

    And I don’t think you can have discourse about what is wrong with education and print journalism without offending everybody. It’s out there, and it’s obvious, but people are going to use the “affront to dignity” motion to have certain facts excluded from the argument.

  • Steve

    Happy birthday!

    Let’s see, I don’t think I have any at all. But then again, I think the overwhelming power of my whitebread middle-classedness might have lifted them out of poverty so fast it seemed like they were never there at all.

    On the whole, I think the Freakonomics guys said most of what needed to be said about the matter, (namely, you’re whether by nature or nurture, people (statistically speaking) are a lot like their parents)).