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Rambling thoughts on hearing peace speeches

I apoligize for the rambling nature of this post, but my brain is a bit foggy right now.

Two notable things.

  • If Cynthia McKinney is going to have a hyperbolic denunciation of the past 5 years, she should really get the details right. Cheney is from Wyoming, not Montana.
  • “people signaling passing helicopters with gunfire” is the most ludicrous statement ever made.

There some other weird things such as Ramsey Clark’s statement that “We’ll only be safe when the defense budget is cut by 90%”, the weird attempt to link Haiti and the Palestinians to anything and everything, the endless self-congratulation and so much more.

I suppose the underlying (and unconscious) theme behind all of the speeches was the need for authenticity, which really wasn’t there.

I was reminded of the “Fingerbang” (they form a boy band) episode of South Park when the mall manager pans their audition. One of them says “But we tried out best!” The mall manager: “Really? That was your best? Wow.”

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