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Another community radio station

I’ve long listened to WRFG‘s bluegrass programming, and complained about it’s political programming, seemingly designed to irritate me. They live up to every stereotype of the hard left and it can be painful to listen to.

Then, while googling Michael Sheuer I came across the Weekend Interview Show with Mike Horton. It’s part of a shortwave network I’ve never hear of before.

Anyway, it’s an interesting thing. The host is a libertarian of the Lew Rockwell/ school (paleo-libertarian to take it to too fine of a point) and from what I listened to on their site Horton has mostly authors and pundits of a similar mindset.

After listening to the interviews I was left with the feeling that there are still regional differences in world outlook (American regions, I’m not sure why I came away with that).

On the whole it’s interesting how people with similar premises can come to differing conclusions and how different premises can come to similar conclusions.

Ah, my upload is done. More thoughts on this later.

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