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A quick one while uploading

  • Make Magazine’s gift guide is pretty cool.
  • Sexomnia? A bit ridiculous if you ask me. If it’s “often brought on by alcohol” how it different than intoxication?
  • And from the same paper “Man Pleads Guilty In Horse-Sex Case“. The guy in question was videotaping the magic event, when evidently the horse kicked it’s human lover to death (or that was what I drew from the description). There are very strange people in the world, and they seem to find each other with great ease.

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  • Sexomnia


    OK you hear a lot of talk that sexomnia is a sleep disorder and people dont realise what they are doing. Then how come they know how to open a packet and put on a condom. I tried to do it in the dark once, not as straight forward as I thought. So I can imagine it aint going to be that easy with your eyes shut.