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While taking a short break from coding I saw the article Leaders urge calm if Williams dies on and was stuck by two thing:

  1. “Dies”? He is due to be executed by the state, and they use the broadest term possible. A lame and evasive headline.
  2. What calamity has been correctly predicted recently? There were warnings of mass anti-semitism after Mel Gibson’s movie, warning of 10,000 or more dead after Katrina, an economic recession due to high gas prices and so on. Here’s a question: what calamity have the pundits in the media correctly predicted beforehand? They seem to have enough problems predicting the past.

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  • Anonymous

    Rodney King, that’s what they’re trying to say. None of the other items have anything to do with the price of eggs. And just so you don’t think I’m crazy, people here at the office cried when they read the M. Jackson verdict. Amazing how little value justice has when it is “your guy.”