1. This is going to sound silly, but Jeffrey Tucker’s tone and writing style makes me wish the government had the ability to regulate obnoxious-osity. Why is it whenever anyone wants more of anything they shout “artificial shortage” and then never post any data? I wonder if his entire torso wags back and forth like a finger while he talks?

    I may take a stab at opening up the flow on my 8-way shower head too. If I damage my shower head I think I’ll sue him.


  2. Yah. The Mises Institute people (though not Mises himself) tend to be unneccisarily shrill and abrasive in all things.

    Ludwig von Mises however, is the only man to ever make Ayn Rand cry.

  3. That’s awesome. Though it’s true that I hate it when they cry. What did that comedian call it, “emotional blackmail” or something? She was probably faking.


  4. I doubt she was faking, and Mises was not the sort of person who would feel bad about maker her cry.

    Which comedian?

  5. I can’t remember, it was a serious question. It may not have been a comedian, it may just be from some movie I’ve seen.


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