• Anonymous

    My opinion on this one doesn’t fit too well in the overall scope of my beliefs, because you’d assume that I’m for people being able to wear whatever they like. Nope. Burqa has to go. Don’t care. And if doing so brings about a holy war, well then I think we got our answer as to how understanding we need to be.

    Of course, I need to take into consideration that most religions being practiced here in the U.S. don’t really molest my life, except for when I want to buy a bottle of Mezcal on a Sunday. Islam definitely seems like it’s got its aim on making my life difficult, and in no time I develop a total lack of tolerance for it. So it’s probably true that if Christianity was actually getting in the way of my life in a tangible way I’d be all for banning any of their practices too.

    I’m just a big meanie.


  • Steve

    That’s pretty much the Christopher Hitchens notion. It does raise the question though, how much anonymity is desirable in public?