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Kin Hubbard

Classical music is the kind we keep thinking will turn into a tune.


From The Corner

How does Kanye West, self-confessed porn addict (confessed in this cover story!) pose as Jesus on the news stands? Rolling Stone’s theology is interesting: they’re tongue-in-cheek about Jesus and genuflect under the ashes of dope fiend Hunter S. Thompson.

While at one time I was was a huge fan of HST (and still am to some extent) and a supporter of the right to die, he did:

  • Shoot himself, thereby proving a messy cleanup for someone, most probably a family member or friend. Totally unnecessary due to his drug connections.
  • Shoot himself while his kids were in the house. As far as anyone can determine there was nothing special about the time. That’s far worse than the above I think.

That should be enough to taint his memory.

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