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Sunday rapid fire

  • A nice summary of the demographic predicament of the Democratic Party. The Roe Effect is curiously unmentioned.
  • 39 Mega pixel digicam! Via Digg.
  • A very good article on NRO about the current state of 527 organizations.

    …led by the so-called 527 groups, was a broad-based, grassroots effort, it was, in fact dependent in substantial part on just five donors: financier George Soros, Progressive Insurance chairman Peter Lewis, Hollywood mogul Stephen Bing, and the California investors Herbert and Marion Sandler. Together, they spent about $78 million in the effort to defeat the president — more than the $75 million in federal funds that each presidential candidate received to conduct his entire general election campaign. (It was also more than twice what the late-starting top five Republican 527 donors spent on their side.)

    The low number of people funding really does explain a lot about the Kerry campaign.

  • The Iranians seem to refine technique.
  • A good look at what could the scenario with the FISA/NSA case. One thing I would still like clarified: Is it wiretapping when it is recorded, or when someone listens to it? It still seems like a massive amount of datamining to me.
  • Blues guitarist Rory Block has an unappealing FrontPage website, but a very interesting life story.
  • I intent do explore AJAX more thoroughly when I have more time, but here is a tutorial, and a good open source download site. Here is an AJAX library it seems.

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    I need to be sure you, Erin and Michael know that I want Hasselblad’s new H2D-39 D-SLR for my birthday.