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    This may be the worst of it: The way they are handling it, as portrayed by the media, makes them out to ALL look like ignorant children. Being offended is one thing, and taking action is another, but literally going “oh yeah, well we’re going to nah nah nah!” really makes you look bad.

    That kind of playground logic assumes that we’re actually trying to offend them all the time, staying up at night working out the details. As if. You’d think they would get that we dislike them on a level that pre-meditated offense like this would indicate some sort of latent fondness, of which there certainly is none.

    It was just a cartoon, for real, of their fake prophet.

    However, I wonder if the media is blowing this out of proportion. This is why: I’m fairly moderate, but if they really are this upset about the cartoon I don’t think we need to feel any more sympathy for these people. We might as well just bomb them. I know how that sounds, which is why I wonder if it’s all that bad.

    Again, where are the moderate voices from the other side. Are there?